Let us handle your stump grinding service in Oviedo, Winter Springs, Winter Park, FL or a surrounding area


Are you tired of looking at that unsightly stump in your yard? If so, let the experts of Tree Monkeys, Inc. handle your stump grinding. We’ll provide efficient service that’s guaranteed to leave your lawn in Oviedo, Winter Springs or Winter Park, FL flat and smooth. You’ll never have to worry about tripping over that pesky stump again.

Schedule your stump grinding service in the Oviedo, Winter Springs or Winter Park, FL area.


Using specialized machinery, we’ll grind your stump down to soil level efficiently so that you’re able to plant over it. To eliminate waste and preserve the environment, we’ll convert the chips left behind into mulch. Should you have no need for the mulch, you can count on us to haul it away for a small fee.

Did you know that a stump in your yard can be extremely hazardous? A stump left in your yard can be a liability to your homeowners insurance! Let us grind your stump to help protect you from a liability and possible injuries due to tripping over the stump.

Choose Tree Monkeys, Inc. to handle your stump grinding service. Call now to speak with a member of our team in Oviedo, Winter Springs or Winter Park, FL.

“Topping” of a tree is usually a requested service done to reduce the height (crown) size of a tree. A homeowner may feel a tree has become too large for his or her property, or that tall trees may pose an unacceptable risk. This can be done if proper pruning techniques are used. Additionally, removing too much of the trees foliage and/or branches can stress the tree causing to succumb to dormant bugs, airborne diseases and decay. Sometimes the best solution is to remove the tree and replace with a species that is more appropriate in size for the size.

Proper removal of dead, dying , or diseased branches help prevent further spread of decay. Proper tree pruning will allow increased sun exposure and air circulation. Additionally, tree pruning promotes growth of new, healthy leaves and branches.

Florida’s mild climate will allow tree trimming at almost anytime during the year. However, it is best to trim in the fall to spring while trees are in their dormant stage. Hurricane season 2019 began May 20th and will continue until November 30th. More frequently storms occur during the months of August and September. It is important to trim and prune your trees before the storm season.

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