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Tree & Stump Removal


Tree removal and stump grinding can be a challenge to a regular everyday homeowner. We remove decayed or rotten trunks, diseased trees, dying or storm damaged trees, and trees that are just in the way. Debris from the tree removal process will be hauled away and cleaned up and we will use a stump grinder to chip up the stump into mulch. The mulch from the stump grindings are normally left behind for you to have mulch for around your home but can be hauled away for a nominal fee. Our skilled professionals can handle any obstacle such as pool cages, fences, sheds, playgrounds, sidewalks, walkways, or anything in the way. We are licensed and insured, so let us take care of that tree removal for you. We are Orlando, Oviedo, Seminole and Orange County’s number one tree removal service. Hire a professional to ensure quality service and safety. Don’t try to tie the stump to your truck and drive off, that will just cause a big hole and a mess. We will grind it up for you. Use our Contact Form to schedule a free estimate.

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